Rick has several workshops currently ready for presentation.  While these are primarily for churches, they can be adapted for other educational uses as well.

¯          Liturgical Ministries – A session for all liturgical ministers gathered together.  In this workshop, attendees find out the history of the evolution of the Mass and how the various ministries work together.  A sample day starts with a morning prayer service, a keynote address, smaller sessions for each ministry (running concurrently), lunch, more smaller sessions (repeats for those in multiple ministries), and an afternoon general session to wrap up the day.

¯          Ensemble Musicians – Any group of musicians that gathers is an ensemble.  This is a hands-on session to help musicians play together even when the right music scores aren’t available.  Learn how to use alternate voicing's to add interest to your music.

¯         Liturgical Use of Synthesizers – How can this technology be used to aid full, conscious and active participation in the liturgy?  Learn how to use a synthesizer as just another instrument, not something new or unusual.

¯          Concerts – Most workshop weekends begin with a Friday evening concert, normally with Rick and a grand piano.  Using improvisations as well as humor, Rick entertains and even educates, drawing on several years of performance skills to keep audiences asking for more.